agony of the mind


His mental mazes were meant to confuse
This game you are playing you were destined to lose.
Your sought for goal has been only a ruse
Meant to distract you from his constant abuse.

Why has he told you this, why did he lie?
Why has he told you to reach for the sky?
Knowing your best was but a poor try
And ceaseless repetition would blind your Eye?

A rat in a maze, you search for the cheese;
Like Pavlov’s dog, you’re determined to please.
In a lonely journey upon the vast seas,
You dutifully seek the Phantom moment of ease.

Until a light comes on, and knowledge you gain
All of your labors—all of them: vain.
The glaring Truth could not be more plain.
And you stand on the brink of bloodless pain.

All of this time, the same has been true.
All of this time, you have been you.
All of this time, you’ve done what you do—
Happily. But now you know more than you knew.

How to go on? What a raw deal!
How to function under this burden you feel?
Come to the One who will free you and heal
And replace your burden with Hope that is real.

a division of mack united, inc.