Fame is a fickle man
And he left me yesterday.
Came around for awhile with a convincing smile
Then he up and walked away.

You look at me like I have an answer.
And I shrug like, “What can I say?”
You take it and binge and watch with a cringe
As it all crashes down in your face.

O how fleeting those moments!
They were the ultimate high.
The token oblations, received admirations—
Like Hendrix, I kissed the sky.

My lips touched the Sun for an instant—
Like Midas, it turned me to gold.
My words, molten fire, spilled forth to inspire
The reams of red carpet unfold.

O how savvy they thought me!
How witty and clever and bright.
With a mischievous grin they were easy to win
And I basked on a throne bathed in light.

But a cloud gathered off in the distance
And suddenly, something went wrong.
My gold became brittle, my words mere spittle
And a chasm between me and my throng.

I walked heart-crushed through the masses
Broke, with nothing to pawn.
Past the closed door, open heretofore
And noticed the red carpet was gone.

Then, a radiance lit the horizon
And an object rose toward the Sun.
I was almost sick at just how quick
I was replaced by everyone.

Then the whisperings and flutterings started
I sure hoped he was financially smart.
When he was all said and done, loved by no one,
Unlike me, he’d at least have a start!

a division of mack united, inc.