flesh on exhibition


I got this call from my gossip girl
And she told me the church low-down.
After her story unfurled
I decided to put on my clothes and go into town.
(I AM going to church tonight!)

Now I don’t make it to EVERY service
And MY spirit tells me that’s just fine.
Some of ya’ll are in every prayer meeting.
Well: you have your convictions and I have mine.
(The Lord understands where I’m at.)

Now when GOT to the House of God
Some Saints child almost, but not quite ran me down!
These little bad children are so far out of order—
I correct these things when I’M around.,
(And I have to, cuz I’m not around a lot.)

I jerked that little boy by his ear
And I leaned in real close
And I said: “You need to REPENT for letting the Devil use you!”
Then I shook him and I let him go.
(And he ran, cuz I put the fear of God in that child!)

WHY am I in the bathroom
When I feel a tap on my shoulder?
This NEW CONVERT ‘gon try to tell me
That the way I corrected her child was out of order!
(YOU’RE a new convert. LEARN the Church of God.)

And you know Saints—
I had to put judgment on the new convert to—
Not only was her CHILD letting the Devil use him,
SHE had a worldly hairdo!
(I had to lay judgment to the line: Saints need to measure to the standard.)

I wasn’t ‘gon let that hold me back.
I entered the chapel and took a seat in the back near a teen.
Cuz you know, I gotta keep tabs on that section of church
Where people come just to see and be seen.
(Don’t look at me like that. I sit back there to be a GOOD influence on the teens!)

And no matter: because five minutes into the service
An usher came and told us to clear the back and move on down.
I gathered my bible and my purse
And I gave him a FROWN.
(I submitted it Saints—because I have the victory over tongue! I didn’t get in the flesh, and GOD got the glory!)

So I stood on up and I moved on down
FAR closer than I really liked.
Why—I was up near the ministry and Pastor
And the brother who reads with the mic!
(I don’t normally sit that close because I need to see what’s going on around me.)

The service got hopping and the spirit came down
And the Saints were blessed in their seats.
The Sisters were running and the Brothers were jumping
And the Spirit fell on me!
(I didn’t know it could be like that—)

Now, right before I stood to testify
I had a moment of indecision—
Rebuke the Devil! Being 30 minutes late for church isn’t ‘gon stop me from testifying,
Cuz it’s not the Saint’s business!
(We’re adults. I shouldn’t have to constantly explain things.)

So I stood from my seat and I talked very loud
Holy Ghost was using me Saints, so I exhorted AWHILE.
Now I know it WAS in the middle of the choir going forth—
But the Saints understand my style.
(The preaching will have to get started a little late—its not that big a deal.)

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