You are by far the most obnoxious person I have ever met.
Although I know my opinion of you does not fill you with regret.
To be fair, you consistently share your cruel observations.
You see, this is why people like me donít ask your opinion in polite conversations.
Which opinion, without fail, as far as I can tell, always smacks of how great you are;
While the next manís plight, try though he might, is destined to be sub-par.

Some things said by you, while true, should not be repeated.
While every man has a plan to conquer his life, there are areas which remain undefeated.
In general society, those who are kind pretend they are blind to the unimportant failings of friends.
Unlike you, we, in abject sympathy, stand true, a shoulder to lend.
I doubt Iíll ever figure out your perverse desire to highlight the mole on your best friendís face.
Itís as though you plan to laud yourself as the better man, without comprehending your humbler place.

Your forthright words are mean, your motive is seen, even when you say honesty justifies the things you say.
If everyone you knew used your brand of honesty with you, humiliation would be the price you would pay.
People tell you hold your peace and be kind, lest you find your house is glass and will easily shatter.
Yet without hesitation, with self-righteous indignation, you plant your mouth squarely at the heart of the matter.
The advice, while lent, goes unspent, and with word after word you continue to rake.
Until a baser sort, less tame, and bored with this game, whispers, and we hear your glass break.

When they say survivors are strong, they are not wrong, its just the sort of survivor they seek.
The kind and quiet will last, the broken are glass, and the Earth will belong to the meek.

a division of mack united, inc.