the art of being


If happy is a state of being,
Then be happy.
Be happy instead of being sad.

Donít justify your actions
And pretend
To be happy, when you know you feel so bad.

If your point is that you have a joy so precious,
A priceless gem unknown to mortal men;
A prize obtained only by transformation,
Un-tasted by all those enmeshed in sin;

Why do you face each day despairingly,
And at the sight of a potential proselyte put on false confidence?
Why is a Christian joy that is your birthright,
Become for you, a mere pretense?

Do you think it is fair to base my conversion
On a charade of joy I think Iíll receive;
To follow you to obtain a joy you affect,
But donít have the courage to believe?

What madness! Do you suppose this perfect gift
Came down from the Father of Light,
And He forgot about you while you served Him;
His mistake, His oversight?

So you labor on dutifully. And although you are
Severely wanting, you act Christ for others to see;
Donít forget the joy you seek is your birthright,
And ďHappinessĒ is a state you should be.

a division of mack united, inc.