the dealth-with past


When I became of Age, I turned around
And went back down to lower ground,
Where in days gone by, once stood I, terrified.

Face me you coward! Lowly beast,
Shrinking from the light. Shadow when itís bright.
Ashamed to face my sight.

Come out wherever you are! All come free!
I shout with bared teeth and jaw set stubbornly.
Iím ready for you. I grip my sword in anticipation.
Of youthful doubt? Cessation.
Void of childish frustration.

I shall roust you from your sanctuary.
To battle! Jab! Thrust! Parry!
The adult version of me is the Hunteró
And You? The Quarry.

You have ceased to be scary.
And on this morning of this beautiful day,
I shall pen your obituary.

a division of mack united, inc.