the escape


I saw the light. It burned so bright
It captivated me.
I let it in. Extinguished sin
And now my eyes could see.
A dirty of stain of endless pain
And shadows marred my life.
My hands ran red with blood I’d shed
Heart-hurt because of strife.
This Christian way shone bright as day
When first I started out.
The heavens sang and my heart rang
With a glad, victorious shout.
I traveled long. Corrected wrong
And the years just flew on by.
The distinctions grew fine, but I toed the line
And “Love God” was still my heart’s cry.
As one battle grew close, my spirit morose
The Darkness crept ever near.
Tentacles out. Feeding on doubt
Capitalizing on Fear.
This moment, this day—this Price I must pay
Sank home to the depths of my soul.
The Nowness of this became an abyss
Into which I must remit control.
To linger long is to linger wrong
And Shadows enveloped my mind.
With quick precision, they clouded my vision
And said I was one of Their Kind.
Whispers of Dread stalked through my head
And I felt on my back The Fire.
My hackles rose. In that moment I chose
And my Soul screamed, “Liar! Liar!”
I cried for the Light with all of my might
And a precipice yawned at my feet.
I shook with a shiver, for below was a river
Ugly, raging and deep.
I shut out the Night, and saw a pinprick of Light
Dotting the midnight sky.
My Soul took the leap, though the river was deep
And I discovered that Humans can fly.

a division of mack united, inc.